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Karen Gamba & Frank Carlisi

“In the world of PR, we're not just teaching the game; we're changing it.”


About Me

Karen Gamba and Frank Carlisi are not just educators in the PR industry; they are game-changers.

Together, they've transformed the PR landscape by assisting individuals, small businesses, and global giants in amplifying their visibility. Their tailored strategies, rooted in authenticity and innovation, have garnered success for clients worldwide.

Karen, the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder of the ExV Agency, is a trailblazer in personal branding and authentic relationship-building. As she leads ExV's expansion into Asia, her dedication to helping individuals succeed in business is what is driving the agency’s growth, globally.

Frank Carlisi, the creative genius behind ExV Agency as its COO and the award-winning Director of Creative Content at ExV Studios, brings an unparalleled flair to the world of PR. His vast industry relationships have birthed a captivating portfolio with renowned television networks and studios. A master storyteller, Frank's knack for unveiling unique narratives ensures that both individuals and companies resonate deeply with global audiences. 

Together, Karen and Frank are redefining PR education, emphasizing authenticity, innovation, with a global impact.

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Profile artwork for Karen Gamba & Frank Carlisi
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