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justin settle

“X automotive dealer turned social marketing and sales expert. Specializing in leadership, adaptability, and innovation.”


About Me

I'm Justin, a serial entrepreneur and marketing genius with a background as an automotive dealer who sold a business to Warren Buffett. I'm an expert in Saas strategies, specializing in leadership, adaptability, problem-solving, resilience, risk-taking, and financial acumen. My expertise also extends to innovation, lead magnet strategies, and e-commerce distribution. With a deep understanding of market dynamics, I excel in persistence, delegation, and strategic planning.

As a continuous learner, I bring strong articulation, enthusiasm, and storytelling abilities to the table. My unique perspective, charisma, and respect-driven engagement set me apart. Business or need guidance on entrepreneurship and marketing, I can assist in providing answers and help your business. I am a mentor, and business coach, and hold a unique blend of expertise tailored to business needs.

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Profile artwork for justin settle
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