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Julia Marie

“Author. Mentor. Teacher. Ready to share what I've learned! Signals from My Soul: A Spiritual Memoir of Awakening tells my story.”


About Me

Julia Marie's new book, Signals from My Soul: A Spiritual Memoir of Awakening is "an authentic and powerful source of information and encouragement so needed for the most important journey we will ever take. Its brilliance lies in the knowledge that each of us has the full potential to achieve Christ consciousness, for each of us is an integral part of the Divine Plan." - Betty J. Kovacs, PhD Author, Merchants of Light: The Consciousness that is Changing the World

Julia Marie has a deep understanding of many areas of metaphysics and spirituality gained through personal experience. Her life is her laboratory.

The simple but powerful message of the book, and her life, is that each of us has the potential to discover there's more to life than what we can perceive with our physical senses.

If you are a host seeking awakening stories with a twist, then the series of STEs she experienced that launched her on her spiritual path will not disappoint. She shares the lessons and experiences in a candid, easy to understand way, and hopes to inspire more people to discover - or deepen - their connection with their Soul.

The three primary messages Julia Marie wishes to share are:

  • The awakening process is unique to each of us, and the Universe will patiently wait until you are ready.
  • Your spiritual senses unfold organically. You are hard-wired to receive the signals from your Soul.
  • You already have everything you need for your spiritual journey. Your physical body holds the records of your entire existence.

Julia Marie can speak competently on a wide range of topics including consciousness, past lives, sound healing, mediumship, intuition, and energy healing. She is founder of the transdimensional energy healing technique RET â„¢(Restorative Energy Technique), and is now attuning others to this matrix.

She pursued training and received certifications in the the following areas: Past Life Regression, Mediumship, Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing (Reiki Master Teacher). Her certifications are listed on her website:

I can't wait to start a deep conversation with you! If you want to hear how I approach a conversation, listen to Evolving Humans with Julia Marie. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Julia Marie | Intuitive | Energy Healer | Teacher

Your experienced Guide to the Other Side. Maybe you've experienced a loss and want to sit with a medium who has the proven ability to connect to those living on the Other Side of life or perhaps you are starting to explore your gifts of intuition or energy healing and want to find a spiritual teache

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