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Judith Joy

“Judith is an author, manifestation coach, inspirational speaker, dream creation coach, and healer. Fun, engaging and interesting guest.”


About Me

Judith began studying energy healing and consciousness transformation after her own experience with recurring debilitating headaches. After years of getting no results from traditional medicine, she began researching alternative methods, which is when she finally found a path to ease her suffering.

This awareness led her to 20 years of study and research of how the heart and mind work together. As with many who teach spiritual – intuitive – energy consciousness, she too has had her share of trauma and drama, which led her to find a way to change her reality. She then chose to share her knowledge and passion with others

She is available to speak on a multitude of subjects including parenting, writing, journaling, creativity, manifesting the life you dream of, discovering your perfect partner and of course her own story of transforming her own life.

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Profile artwork for Judith Joy
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