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Juan Campoo

“"The Inner Accellerator" | TEDx Speaker | Award-winning Coach | Amazon #1 Best-Seller”


About Me

Hi, my name is Juan Campoo,

In the last +10 years, I've had the honor to coach, train and teach to more than 14.000 people, either 1-on-1, in groups, and through online courses, which makes me a proven expert in what it takes for your listeners to transform the way they see and experience themselves, others, and their lives.

I am passionate about (and experienced in) mindset and behavior change, both in the personal sphere and in business. Whether you have a podcast or lead an organization, I will leave your audiences full of insights, motivation, confidence, and tools to make a meaningful impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. I do this through my ability to connect, powerful questioning, and my unique point of view.

What I am currently busy with:

Some of my trainings and certifications:

  • Cultural Transformation through Values, 2020
  • DISC Behavioral Preferences, 2019
  • Workplace Motivators, 2019
  • Krauthammer University Certified Trainer, 2018
  • Corporate Development through Coaching, 2017
  • International Coaching Certification, 2016
  • Team Coaching, 2016
  • NLP Master Coach, 2015
  • Motivational Coaching, 2014
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence Coaching, 2014
  • Yoga Teacher, 2013
  • Life Coaching, 2012

In this link(tree) you can find links to my website, all Social Media, and some resources.

Already appeared in:

  • The Label Free Podcast, Leadership to Wealth, Goal Getters, I'm Still Here, Speaking Freedom, The Aloönæ Show, ExpertTalk, Time to Change, Goed Voelen (Feel Good), Journey Back Into Self, Gaia Thrive, Several corporate webinars.

Some of the possible topics:


  • The 4 elements of Personal Mastery
  • The ABC of Life™: How to be the author of your own story and change your life
  • The Mind Canvas™: Making psychology simple, intuitive, and accessible to everyone
  • The A.R.I.S.E.™ process: How to quickly transform self-limiting thoughts and emotions
  • How to Find Meaning and Live on Purpose
  • Living authentically: (re)Define your beliefs, values and purpose

Mental Health

  • Wellbeing: How to Be Well, regardless of circumstances
  • Heal your memory: How to break free from your past experiences.

‘Emotional Mastery’ Series:

  • Beyond Happiness: Into Contentment, Satisfaction and Joy.
  • Beyond Fear and Anxiety: D.A.R.E. to L.I.V.E.
  • Beyond Guilt & Shame: Learn to learn and move on.
  • Beyond Sadness & Depression: How to change your emotional state for good.
  • Beyond Stress: Stress is a constant; your reaction to it is what counts.
  • The Art of Motivation: How to motivate yourself, no matter the circumstances.
  • The Confidence Key: Confidence is something you do, not something you have.

Management / Leadership

  • From Manager to Leader: Shift Your Mindset with the 7 Levels of Leadership
  • Leading Yourself: Leadership Starts From Within
  • Leading a Team: Create the Conditions for High Performance
  • Communication & Influence: How to get people into action
  • It’s all About Culture: Give Your Strategy a Chance by (co)Creating Culture


  • My Spiritual Awakening: An Honest Story of Kundalini Activation and Consciousness Expansion.
  • Ego-Soul Dynamics: How to Tame Your Ego and Live From Soul Consciousness
  • Life is a Journey Into Consciousness
  • The Illusion of Reality: A Pragmatic Approach to Awaken Spirituality Curiosity
  • Transcend Your Mind: What’s Beyond your Normal Awareness and How to Access it?

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Juan Campoo

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