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Joy Kebu

“Joy Kebu is on a mission to help the collective come back to love and Freedom so that we can succeed in our relationships.”


About Me

Joy Kebu is on a mission to help the collective come back to love and Freedom so that they can succeed in their relationships.  Whether that be their relationship with Source, Self, Others or Life itself. 

It would be an honor to offer her expertise to your audience on how to experience the deepest level of love, freedom & great sex by: Radically breaking free from conventional rules & creating relationships on their own terms.Exploring sex & pleasure through the lense of “individuality” as well as the collective. Effectively communicating for increased intimacy & effortless conversations. 

Joy Kebu is also the host of the Joy Kebu TV & Joy Kebu Podcast.

Joy writes powerful books on relationships, sex and Spirituality as well as facilitates in-person workshops  Online trainings that has served over 5000 people and continues to serve people all over the world. 

Her work reaches readers in over 28 Countries.

Joy has been Featured in Apples Bite International Magazine, Floral Crown Women’s network, Sensual Booth Magazine.

Joy believes the journey to intimacy, genuine happiness, fulfillment in relationships starts from self and that every relationship should only focus on providing a safe space for both partner to be who they are in all of their authenticity. 

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Profile artwork for Joy Kebu
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