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“Creator of The World's Mayor Experience and Media Company in a Box: Independent Media in the 4th Industrial Revolution #MediaLiteracy”


About Me

Joshua T. Berglan is a visionary multimedia creator and social empowerment leader, renowned globally as "The World's Mayor." As an award-winning producer, internationally bestselling author, and pioneering show host, Joshua is spearheading a transformative movement at the intersection of media literacy, accessible education, and community empowerment.

His ground-breaking works include the game-changing book "Media Company in a Box: Independent Media in the 4th Industrial Revolution," providing a roadmap for ethical media entrepreneurship leveraging emerging technologies like AI and the metaverse. Joshua's raw, redemptive memoir "The Devil Inside Me" chronicles his journey overcoming addiction and trauma.

The World's Mayor Experience, Joshua's innovative media platform, features empowering content tailored for underserved groups like at-risk youth, mental health communities, formerly incarcerated individuals, abuse survivors, human trafficking victims, and disabled people. As a proud advocate from these marginalized backgrounds himself, Joshua is dedicated to amplifying unheard voices through media skills training and accessible business mentorship.

While his inspirational books are available at bookstores worldwide, Joshua has made "Media Company in a Box" freely accessible at public libraries globally, exemplifying his commitment to democratizing vital knowledge. As a SCORE mentor, he provides pro-bono coaching to entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

Through immersive virtual experiences, online academies, published works, advocacy initiatives, and an upcoming worldwide touring show, Joshua Berglan is sparking a people-powered renaissance - equipping a global community of ethical storytellers and digitally literate changemakers to reshape societal narratives for the better.

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Profile artwork for Joshua T
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