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Josh Boone

“7-Figure Entrepreneur's Journey: Redefining Success, Mental Health & Life Balance. Real Talk. Raw Insights. Unforgettable Stories.”


About Me

Josh Boone is an award-winning entrepreneur, advisor, marketing strategist, speaker, and host of The Josh Boone Show.

"Josh Boone has this "If Charlie Rose and Socrates had a love child" quality to the way he engages people." Sam McNerney, Applied Behavioral Scientist

From his father's tree service business to his own venture at just 12 years old, Josh Boone was destined for entrepreneurship. At 19, he founded a marketing agency, which later merged with another agency at 22, eventually scaling to a 7-figure success. But hidden beneath the surface was a struggle that would change the course of his life.

Battling burnout while coping with ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, an autoimmune condition, and a full-blown existential crisis, Josh hit rock bottom at 26 after he exited his business. Grappling with suicidal thoughts, he embarked on a transformative two-year RV journey across the United States to redefine success, reconnect with his true purpose, and prioritize his mental health.

He worked as an advisor and fractional CMO with early-stage startup founders for many years, helping founders unlock their businesses' extraordinary growth potential.

Now, Josh works as an advisor and strategist to driven solo entrepreneurs to redefine success and craft businesses that align with their vision for a fulfilling life. His unique approach ensures sustainable growth, personal well-being, and a profound impact.

Josh's authentic, raw, and transparent approach has made him a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the realms of entrepreneurship, mental health, and personal growth. His story serves as a powerful reminder that success is not merely measured by financial accomplishments but by the meaningful impact one creates in the world, the personal fulfillment derived from the work one does, and the deep, meaningful relationships one cultivates.

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"Josh speaks on such a high business IQ level it’s insane. I’ve listened to Alex Hormozi and Grant Cardone for hours, and I just haven’t come across someone one to one that is like him.” – Steven Pemberton, Founder of Hollow Co

A selection of engaging topics to explore with Josh:

Entrepreneurship & Mental Health:

  • Thriving as a high-functioning entrepreneur with multiple health disorders: rising above ADHD, anxiety, bipolar II, and an autoimmune condition (MCAS).
  • Unmasking mental health stigma & fostering a supportive startup ecosystem.
  • Cultivating a growth mindset, building resilience, and embracing failure as the ultimate teacher.
  • Striking a balance between ambition, self-care, and self-compassion.
  • Mindfulness techniques for peak performance & optimal well-being.

Business Strategies & Insights:

  • The future of ethical entrepreneurship: shaping businesses for positive impact.
  • Mastering authentic sales: unlocking the secrets of high-end selling.
  • The art of storytelling: leveraging vulnerability to elevate your personal brand.
  • Seizing market opportunities and turning them into goldmines.

Personal Growth, Relationships & Wellness:

  • Split-testing your life: treating your life as a series of experiments to get closer to an optimized life.
  • Living with intention: defining and optimizing your life's purpose.
  • Fostering transformative mentorships and networks to propel your success.
  • Navigating modern relationships: polyamory, authentic connections, and deepening friendships.
  • Elevating your performance through longevity, nootropics, and supplement mastery.
  • Mindfulness through tea: the art of gongfu style tea 🍵

Navigating the Digital World:

  • Digital nomad mastery: travel, work remotely, and conquer the world with your business.
  • Technology and mental health: exploring the intersection of challenges and opportunities.

He lives in Dayton, Ohio, with his wife, their dog Hamilton, and their extremely weird cat Sushi.

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Profile artwork for Josh Boone
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