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Joseph Zahaitis

“Cannabis payments industry expert - actually payments (ALL) industry expert. I've been doing this for a long time, love the industry.”


About Me

Not my first rodeo, I bring a wealth of information about payments (Credit card payments - and others) based on 30 years of industry experience. I've been in the cannabis space since 2009 and am helping to build / shape the industry with the company I'm currently president of. I love a great conversation no matter where it goes (crypto, debit, ACH, offshore, cloud, P2P) and love a great debate on the latest trends (and some of the ones to avoid. Let's chat, I'd love to know what all of you do here as well.

Oh, ya, I own an internet radio station (classic rock format 24/7 with some "live" shows for fun) - see link below. I'm a HUGE online video gamer, run a few of my own game servers (ArmA, SCUM, DCS, D&D and DeadSide - also link below. Run a number of Discord Servers to keep all the clans and communities in touch with each other, and LOVE music (can't play at all, but appreciate those who can). Hit me up, let's chat about a bunch of stuff.

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Profile artwork for Joseph Zahaitis
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