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Joseph Santana

“I help Fortune 500 and global firms to grow and thrive in the increasingly diverse and global 21st-century workforce and marketplace.”


About Me

Are you tired of hearing the same old bromides from guests discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)? Looking for someone disruptive, dynamic, and insightful who can make the business case for DEI in a language businesspeople will understand? Look no further than Joe Santana. With years of experience as a leader of a 300-employee IT outsourcing organization, a diversity officer, and a futurist, Joe is the ultimate guest for any business podcast covering this topic. Joe is, first and foremost, a businessman and a futurist, not someone steeped in HR program-thinking culture. He's a published author and a podcast host with an exuberant personality that will keep your listeners engaged and listening.

As the Chairman of The CDO PowerCircle. A 21st-century development association for DEI leaders, and the creator and host of the ERG PowerTalk podcast, Joe brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every conversation. His practical insights into the current and future business-impacting uses for DEI are fascinating and take your listeners to a whole new level of thinking and future possibilities. Joe empowers your listeners to seize DEI opportunities and even turn obstacles into more business opportunities.

In his frequent appearances on TV shows and other guest spots, Joe addresses timely questions about DEI and its critical connection to the economic success of your organization. These discussions range from where DEI should reside to the new skills DEI leaders need today. His insights are wrapped in stats, facts, and fascinating stories drawn from years of research and interviews while writing his latest book, The New DEI and ERG Frontier, released on April 11, 2022. Here are a few of his televised and video podcast appearances:

The Morning Blend with JJ Snyder on Channel 7

Founder's Story with Daniel Robbins on PIX and FOX TV

Ticker News with Mike Loder (International TV)

Million Dollar MasterMind Podcast

The Imperfect Leader

So, if you're looking for a guest who can disrupt the dated DEI conversation of the last century and help your listeners deal with what's happening now and what's coming around the corner from a business perspective, Joe is the guest for you. So why wait? Book Joe Santana for your next podcast and take your show to the next level.

Here are just a few of the questions Joe can answer for you:

  • Why DEI is increasingly vital to the economic success of corporations?
  • Why this is no longer our father's DEI practices, and DEI leaders need a new set of skills in the 21st century?
  • Why do most DEI efforts today fall short in showing business results because they are shoving elephants into houses built for giraffes?
  • Why are attempts to fix managers and executives without fixing the company fail?
  • Why do too many DEI leaders today find themselves like an orchestra maestro trying to execute a brilliant composition with the first-year high school band?
  • Why some AI biases need to be swapped out versus blocked or eliminated to make AI a supporter of business-impacting DEI.
  • How can DEI practices more effectively go global?

For more information about Joe or to contact him, please visit the following links: 

Chairman of the CDO PowerCircle  | Member of the Association of Professional Futurists | Host of ERG PowerTalk  | CEO of an Inc Verified organization | Member of the Forbes Business Council and the Fast Company Executive Board | Frequent Media Commentator including on ABC, Fox, PIX, Ticker News, and The Blacklist streaming business interviews | Author and Contributor for Forbes and Fast Company.



Email [email protected] 

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Profile artwork for Joseph Santana
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