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Joseph Gioconda

“Joseph C. Gioconda (Joe) is a unique combination of a successful trial attorney, and author of several successful horror novels.”


About Me

Joe's Biography

When Joe was younger, he studied to become a Catholic priest. He attended a prep Seminary, but decided that he wanted a secular life, so he attended Yale Law School and became a lawyer.

He then used his writing skills and powers of persuasion to publish several novels and short stories in the horror and historical fiction genres.

Joe's Books

His first novel, The Pope's Butcher, became an Amazon best-seller one week after its release and has received widespread critical acclaim for its incredible historical accuracy and research as well as page-turning style. It is based on the true story of a serial killer in the medieval Vatican.

His second novel, Salem's Ropes, is based on the true story of the Ropes Mansion in Salem, Massachusetts.

He is also publishing an anthology of 33 horror-themed short stories called Fleeting Chills, written by himself and several diverse authors from around the world.

His upcoming third novel, Katrina's Crosses, will tell the story of a law student in New Orleans investigating 'cold cases' who discovers a shocking pattern to ritual murders.

Book Reviews:

★ "Exhaustively researched and brilliantly executed...A riveting read." -- The Prairies Book Review

★ "The Pope's Butcher is top-notch writing, the best book I've read this year, and I'm looking forward to Joseph C. Gioconda's second novel, Salem's Ropes." -- Lex Allen, Reader's Favorite Book Review

★ "Immersing the reader in the bloody but fascinating world of medieval witch trials, Joseph Gioconda's debut is a thrilling take on a little-known historical episode." -- Indie Reader Book Review

★ "A dark, well-researched story centered on the Inquisition's most notorious killer. With evocative prose and careful research, Gioconda captures the nuances of medieval Church politics and the frank realities of the prejudices of the time." -- BookLife by Publisher's Weekly

★ "From the first chapter, I was hooked as the book is a real page turner! I love that the book is inspired by actual history and that the author provides great details about the true horror in the medieval Vatican!" -- NetGalley Reviewer

★ "I loved the world building as well as the absolutely authentic feel. Institoris is as twisted a character as one can have, but the scariest part is that he was real. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author." -- GoodReads Reviewer

★ "The Pope's Butcher is one of those novels that leaves you thinking about what was, what is, and what will be in the next hundred years. Now that's good writing!" -- Viga Boland, Reader's Favorite Book Review

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Profile artwork for Joseph Gioconda
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