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Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen

“#1 International Stealth Leadership Elevation Expert & Speaker | Former B-2 Stealth Bomber Pilot🥷 | Acclaimed Author | Entrepreneur | CEO”


About Me

Joseph “Chroniꓘ” VanDusen is the Combat Proven Tip-of-the-Spear Elite Leadership and Personal Development Elevation Expert and Speaker you have been searching for! He is one of only 600 Hand-Picked Pilots EVER Qualified to fly the Exclusive $2.2 Billion B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber in its 30 year existence.

Joseph has uniquely packaged the Tremendous Tools he Developed from Instructing, Leading and Mentoring the World’s Most ELITE Aviators to Help Leaders regardless of Industry or Profession. His Life Passion and Outward Energy Come from Serving and Giving to his audience and clientele—It fills him up!

It’s not all Sunshine and Roses though—at the peak of his Military Career, after Achieving the Extremely RARE Stealth Bomber Instructor Pilot ranks—his world "Blew-Up" through divorce. Joseph adds Tremendous Value and Further Uniqueness as he Talks about Building Himself into the Man, Father and Husband he Wanted to Become. Leadership and Personal Development are Intertwined—It took him Years to Figure this part out. He is now on Top of his World, Flying the 787 Dreamliner for United Airlines; an Entrepreneur, Married to his Soulmate, a tremendous Father and Human—he lives a life of Gratitude and Joy—Leaders need this Message too!

Joseph has been flying since 9/11/2003 and has accumulated a War Chest of Medals and Accolades. He finished #1 as Distinguished Graduate of His Air Force Pilot Training Class...7 times deployed, he has tallied 139 Combat Missions. He is one of only a Handful of Pilots to Achieve True Endurance...Leading a 3-ship of B-2's over a Marathon 31.2 Hour, Non-Stop Strategic Messaging Combat Deterrence Mission. On the Business side, while still working through his divorce, Joseph was placed in charge of a failing $170 Million Company within the Air Force. What Happened? He turned it into a $220 Million Powerhouse of Productivity--managing the Application and Utilization of 20 B- 2 Stealth Bombers valued at over $44 Billion.

Joseph proudly serves a diverse and select Client pool. His above TOP SECRET and NDA experience lends him as an ideal Speaker, Consultant and Executive Coach to some of the most Sensitive and High Profile Organizations and Celebrity Clientele on the Planet.

Joseph's first Book: “Stealth Elevate” is a Premier source of Leadership and Personal Development Gems forged over a career of Top Level Leadership. He is a regular Author of Leadership and Personal Development Articles and Posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. He has his own Podcast and frequently Guests on others with the sole purpose of helping to Develop the well- rounded Leaders the World needs.

What You and Your Audience Will Get:

  • Entertaining (not a stuffy or strict Military guy)
  • Thought Provoking Content
  • ELITE Goal Setting and Execution Strategy and Tactics
  • Real Leadership Development
  • Personal Development Strategies that work
  • Applicable and Real Flying Stories to help Accelerate Audience Elevation
  • Joseph will push your content on his socials for increased market exposure for you
  • A Guest who is also a podcast / videocaster -- On point Content, Adaptability, Caters his Unique Content to Your Theme Easily--Easy to work with and will make you look like a Rockstar for having him on!
  • Let's Do this!

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Profile artwork for Joseph "Chroniꓘ" VanDusen
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