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Jordan Whinnem

“Founder of Mothersteader, Homeschooling Mom, Wife of a Combat Veteran, and Passionate Pursuer of Knowledge.”


About Me

Jordan is the mother of two young girls and wife of a combat vet, living in the beautiful Northwest United States. In a previous life, she was the COO of a tech company and business consultant, but always felt like she was missing something. She's found her purpose in the more hands-on, family-centered, fulfilling life on the homestead. Now the founder of Mothersteader, she enjoys homeschooling her daughters, managing their wild array of animals, and supporting female homesteaders and craftswomen through Mothersteader.

In her rare free time, you'll find Jordan reading in a hammock, hiking in the mountains, or jumping into cold glacial lakes.

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Profile artwork for Jordan Whinnem
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