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Jon Graves

“Delving into the world of business ownership, mindset, growth and fulfilment. A podcast focused on business owners to show your not alone...”


About Me

Hey All, Im Jon, a 37 year old business owner living in Leeds. Own multiple businesses in IT and Telecoms while also having a property portfolio.

Keen to talk to others in the business space, identifying issues and talking about life in general. Life is lonely at the top, a lot of Entrepeneurs and Business Owners struggle to meet and talk with like minded people. Whats on your mind? What frustrates you? What gets you going? Are you alone?

Ive had an interesting business life, my current businesses turn over circa £7 million, with a staff of 40. I've completed 15 small business acquisitions in the last 3 years, 10 via pre pack administration. One a hotel and golf course which we acquired 6 months before Covid and lost during the pandemic.

Lots of lessons learnt, lots of topics to discuss, where ever you are in business, theres always someone in a similar place.

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