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Jon Almada

“Fun Person, Paranormal broadcaster, medium, worked in rocket propulsion 32 years, walking a path with unusual and unknown as my business.”


About Me

My name is Jon Almada and I worked for over three decades in the spacecraft and propulsion industry on a wide range of high technology programs. I grew up with propulsion scientists coming to the house and was immersed in high-tech from the very beginning.While that was a great job, my other side of the family were psychically gifted and I explored the world of the paranormal, the strange and unusual and the spiritual world. I am a psychic medium, explorer, positive life experiencer and retired information scientist who lives smack in the middle of two very unusual and beautiful worlds.

While Science explains much of the world to us, there is an infinite amount of hidden history, unknown and secret knowledge and mysterious happenings occurring on our planet that needs to be looked at with an open mind and an explorer's point of view.

During my 32 year aerospace career, I worked on a wide variety of spacecraft programs including Orion, Mars Rovers, Titan, Delta, Space Shuttle, Hubble Space Telescope, X38, National Aerospace Plane and many others too numerous to mention. In addition to my IT and program work, I voiced numerous defense product videos as well as safety videos for the company.

Now that I am retired from aerospace work, my full time job is that of a radio host and author. I have two studios and a voice over booth. I use Shure SM7B mics exclusively with a Cloudlifter inline preamp and DB286s processors to get my signature sound and voice to broadcast and podcasts.

I am presently the host of SoulStream and love my life in Northern California in the Sierra Foothills. I am also a ham radio operator and can usually be found on 20 and 40 meters broadcasting using the PSK31 digital protocol to make contacts all over this beautiful world.

I love to laugh and love positive topics to bring the world to a better place through broadcast and radio/podcasting!

I am also open to appearing as a guest on other shows and would be more than glad to appear on your show. Just hit the Contact link and get in touch today! If you want to appear on MY show, then visit:


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Profile artwork for Jon Almada
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