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About Me

My path to writing is different than most. While most writers aspire to publish at a young age, I entered the self-publishing world near the end of my first career. Being an engineer for over thirty years the thought of writing a book never entered my mind. Of course, books have been a large part of my life. I would devour novels and series whenever I had spare time. It took my wife witnessing my appetite for books to suggest that I write one. After laughing at her idea for a few days I realized that perhaps her suggestion wasn't crazy after all.

Thus, began my second career as a self-published author. You would think I would have tackled a short novella as my first venture into the publishing world. Instead, I developed a dystopian world in my Children of Apis trilogy. The post-apocalyptic series, which is set in a futuristic version of our country, was an undertaking. Featuring six underground territories and a myriad of characters, it was a challenge to blend the multitude of storylines together. The endeavor was both challenging and rewarding. The satisfaction of receiving positive reviews and praise from readers all over the world makes the hundreds of hours worthwhile.

While writing the Children of Apis trilogy, my wife decided to tickle my brain with another idea. Her offhand comment planted a seed that soon blossomed into my latest stand-alone novel. "All in the Cards" is a psychological thriller that I recently published. It features two teenagers and a sinister deck of cards. What starts as an innocent visit to a gypsy's tent results in a decision that alters the paths of their lives.

The best part of writing is sharing your craft with others. Podcasts are a great way to achieve that. Hopefully, my story intrigues you enough to feature me on a future episode of your show.

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