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John Lumgair

“Animation director working on an animated sitcom about a Jazz Playing Cow that leads a resistance to technocracy”


About Me

I'm an award-winning animation director. based in London.

I'm knee-deep in an exciting project – launching an animated sitcom on Kickstarter later this year. you can check out the concept at The story revolves around a group of misfits led by a Jazz-playing Cow, resisting Dr. Popp’s technocratic world of algorithms and fake filters.

I'm open to discussing animation, music, and cultural topics in general – not just focusing on Jazz Cow. I've share insights into the creative process, talk about the inspiration behind it. I've reviewed films, talked about big tech, animation as an art form, and given tips for actors, talked about music, films, comedy, meaning, and propaganda, The UK, storytelling and ended up diving into all kinds of crazy stuff.

If it doesn't sound too presumptuous, I'd love for the episode to come out in July to September, as we can promote it like crazy then. While I don't have a huge following on socials, our newsletter is currently small, but we're aiming to grow it massively over the next couple of months.

I link to a YouTube playlist of podcasts I've been a guest on, it's probably the most up-to-date list.

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Profile artwork for John Lumgair
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