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“Forty Years of Police Experience, in a number of different units. I spent my spare time, in the classroom, bringing students my expertise.”


About Me

I retired from the profession I loved, Law Enforcement, in the Winter of 2022,due to health issues. My passion for the job never left me and I was blessed to share this passion with generation upon generation of college students, interested in first hand experience. These students wanted this knowledge, not from some textbook, but instead an individual who had lived and done what they were someday wishing too do.

My ability to communicate with both new police recruits on the police force, or new students in the classroom, has won me numerous distinguished awards in both fields.

I have carried this over appearing on radio shows and podcasts to share my professional experiences with the general public. Rick Kogan of WGN radio, being my biggest talk show to date, with a number more scheduled in the future.

Now with my first police/crime novel on the market, Blood on The Badge, which is part of a trilogy, I'm able to share with my readers my knowledge, training and experiences into their hands.

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Profile artwork for John good
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