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John Dentico

“I create leadership training for a volatile and uncertain future”


About Me

Dr. John P. Dentico is a groundbreaking leadership consultant and founder of LeadSimm LLC, where he challenges conventional leadership models by focusing on action-oriented practices rather than individual traits. His pioneering approach spans 30 years of research and consulting, offering innovative solutions in an era demanding foresight and agility. Dr. Dentico's distinctive LeadSimm Leadership Training System equips organizations to forecast, prepare, and take decisive action in an uncertain future.

His strategic thinking process, the TSWG Method, and his unique LeadSimm Leadership Impact Simulations offer unparalleled methods in the leadership training realm, resolving challenges in diverse areas, from identity theft to counter-terrorism to attracting and retaining great talent. His techniques have transformed attitudes, fostering environments rich in collaboration and mutual trust.

Author of the award-winning book Throttle Up: How to Accelerate the Impact of 21st Century Leadership, Dr. Dentico’s insights on leadership continue to inspire organizations and individuals to thrive amidst volatility. An accomplished speaker, Dr. Dentico consistently offers interactive, engaging, and impactful presentations. His transformative leadership philosophy is reshaping the future of organizations, making him a compelling speaker at leadership conferences worldwide.

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