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John Couper

“My fresh “Four Minds” concept of inner communication offers both insights and an intuitive, practical path to self–transformation.”


About Me

I'm a hard-core global explorer and explainer with a top-ranked PhD. I now draw on my knowledge and experiences to strengthen lives.

How? First, my scientific research uncovered the deeper workings of human drives, meanings, understandings, and hopes. Then, I innovated a new subfield of Communication and re-imagined Psychology. Third, I combined these to shed new light on how anyone can forge success by harnessing their thoughts, emotions, nature, and dreams. Finally, I created practical “Align Your Minds” techniques to turn anyone's four bickering minds into an unstoppable team.

A media pro for many years, I am an engaging, interactive, stimulating guest... ready to roll!

Profile artwork for John Couper
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