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John Chappelear

“I help individuals and organizations create positive, powerful, and permanent change using my book The Daily Six, create balance, enjoy life”


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My bio won't say this: I have a casual upbeat presence on the mic or camera, and I am very good at thinking on my feet.

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Pronounce:  John Cha- pa -lear

 John is a multi-award-winning author, consultant, and speaker with over 45 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur. 

John is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness, positive change, culture, communications, and employee engagement. His programs help individuals reduce stress, making organizations more positive and productive. 


John's book, The Daily Six - six simple concepts to find the perfect balance between success and significance. John has been a worldwide success with individuals and organizations trying to build a more positive, engaged, and productive culture. The Daily Six was awarded the Best Book award from USA BookNews and is available in English and Arabic. The Daily Six is available online in print, e-book, and audio-book choices wherever books are sold.  

Before beginning his consulting practice, John started, built, ran, and sold five companies in the Washington, DC, area, founding his first company in the Washington, DC, area at the age of 30. That business (The Stationers Inc.), an office products company, doubled its sales and profits for five straight years. 

 In 1986 John founded Corporate Interiors Inc., an interior design and office furniture company. 

 In just ten years, these two companies grew from a staff of 2 to 250, with sales of over 50 million dollars per year. 

In 1988, John also received President Reagan's "US Presidential Letter of Commendation" for his commitment to improving the Washington DC area community.  

 John lives in Jacksonville, FL, and is gratefully married to Susan. They have three great-kids and five terrific grandkids.

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John Chappelear

John is a leadership development, organizational culture change, engagement and emotional intelligence expert. His award winning book The Daily Six has help thousands create balance, reduce stress and enjoy life and work. The programs John delivers vary from Emotional Intelligence, Effective InterActive Coaching and Assertiveness Training to Strategic Planning and Supply Chain Management. The difference is when attendees complete John's courses they not only have the knowledge they know how to immediately implement it and build the team,department or division to achieve the strategic goals.

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