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Joel Latham

“CEO of a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing proprietary medicinal cannabinoid drugs and psychedelic medicine therapies.”


About Me

Joel Latham, President and CEO of Incannex Healthcare Inc., is responsible for the company’s commercial operations, strategic decision-making, and oversight of all clinical development assets. Joel has 20 years commercial management and executive experience, working for a range multi-national publicly traded companies. Joel can speak to:

  • How to navigate regulatory and legal barriers to researching cannabis and psychedelic drug combinations
  • Repurposing drugs
  • Identifying unmet treatment needs and identifying drug candidates
  • Pharmaceutical best practices in Australia and the United States
  • Clinical stage drug research

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Incannex | Global leaders in cannabinoid & psychedelic therapies.

Incannex are global leaders in the development of novel medicinal cannabinoid compounds and psychedelic therapies. Incannex is a cannabinoid and psychedelic compound medicine development company undertaking six clinical programs guided by our medical advisory board.

Development Overview | Incannex

Navigating the CBD Research Landscape: Unveiling Best Practices in the Post-MMCREA Era

Although research on cannabinoids is now allowed in a growing number of countries, there are still a number of restrictions and corresponding licenses and permits required to work with these chemicals.

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