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Joel Langdon

“I love to laugh, and am a semi-professional storyteller. I thoroughly enjoy good conversation about any and everything! Let's talk!”


About Me

Hello there! I'm here, smack-dab in the middle of my mid-life crisis! I'm a Realtor by day, and just about everything else the rest of the time! I've worked in factories, worked as an electrician, owned my own custom woodworking business for several years, built my own home theater speakers. I fix my own cars, love tent-camping, riding motorcycles and cooking!

Since my elementary school report cards, I was told that I talk too much, and now I'm finally putting that to good use! I've recently started my own podcast called Now What Shall We Talk About. It is available wherever you get your podcasts. It's just me sitting down with some friends and family and we! The one issue that I didn't plan for, was the lack of interest from potential "guests" being that I'm in rural Wisconsin! So I'm jumping on the remote-recording bandwagon and hoping to meet some funny and interesting people here! Maybe come out of this with some life-long friends! If you love to talk, about any and everything- I can do that! Nothing is off limits, and I absolutely love good conversation about all subjects! I'd love to talk to you!

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Profile artwork for Joel Langdon
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