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Jimmy Spikes

“Founder and CEO of Beternal the first private memory preservation platform with a distribution system.”


About Me

Throughout literature and cinema, we see folks guided by messages left to them by those who passed too soon. Having served in the military, Jimmy realized how seldom real life affords one the opportunity to leave a legacy. Later, as he cared for his sick mother, he would recall those losses and recognize not only how much he mourned the friends he’d lost, but also how little he knew of his mother... Her life before him and the lives of family who had passed before her where almost entirely lost. He wondered what wisdom, what wonder, he would lose once she was gone. How much of his past would just disappear with her passing. It was from that space of grief and loss that a great idea sprang forth. A light switched on and bETERNAL was born.

Profile artwork for Jimmy Spikes
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