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Jeremy Swick

“An experienced Historian, Curator, Archivist, with a passion for history, education, and social media. I would love to connect!”


About Me

Known on social channels as @TheAverageHistorian. Why? Just an "average guy" who loves playing rugby, talking history and continually learning. Determined to chase goals which have led to extraordinary experiences.

Professionally worked at several institutions ranging from a historic photography museum to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame. Currently Archivist at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society. Extensive experience working in the digital space as a social media manager for several organizations.

Featured on:

  • Sports Illustrated
  • Associated Press
  • USA Today
  • NBC Sports
  • ESPN
  • The Undefeated
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • CNN
  • NCAA
  • The New York Times
  • NBC News
  • Miami Herald
  • Fox 5 Atlanta
  • Voyage ATL

Guest Lectured at:

  • Centre College
  • Georgia Tech

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Profile artwork for Jeremy Swick
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