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Jeremy Britton

“Investor, financial planner 20+ years, crypto geek 7+ years. Award-winning author. Co-founder world's first diversified crypto fund.”


About Me

Jeremy Britton started his first financial planning business at age 19. He had "book knowledge" but zero "street smarts" and was broke within six months. He started another business and hired a business coach. A few years later, Jeremy sold a $5000 startup for six figures. He retired from financial planning and spent a couple of years meditating in the tropical paradise of Bali.

Jeremy discovered "the alternative stock market" and later co-founded the world's first diversified crypto mutual fund in 2016. The Bostoncoin crypto portfolio has outperformed Bitcoin for 6+ years and continues to make crypto investing simple for everyone.

A best-selling economic author, Jeremy warned investors of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis in his 2006 book, and warned investors of the 2020 crash, a full six months before the pandemic. He loves to "simplify the complex" and show ordinary people how to become extraordinary investors.

Jeremy believes in adding a lot of value (what you send out comes back to you!). He gives freely of his time and expertise, runs a not-for-profit educational organisation and has assisted over 200 000 children in Africa and emerging nations.

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Profile artwork for Jeremy Britton
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