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Jennifer Peavey

“What if we could be more successful if we spent less time stressed? We can by letting nature inspire us to combine reflection and actions!”


About Me

Jennifer Peavey comes from a varied background of engineering, design, and innovation. She is known for finding common ground and powerful connections in unexplored territory. Amid the pandemic, Jennifer found herself making new connections within herself as she ventured into uninvestigated spaces of her life. Through this period of isolation and reflection, she was inspired to share her discovery of turning her fear and pain into a mindset of intentional reflection and power. 

Natural Reflectors explores how can we instill our actions with a mindset of intentional reflection to create our own process. The new process is taken from the power of nature’s cycles and will allow us to become natural reflectors and bring more peace to our lives by empowering us to play the long game. It is worth the effort that it takes to do this, so we can protect ourselves from burnout and create space to engage with a life that matters to us. 

Conversation Topics: Author’s Journey, Personal Process Development, Reflection to Prevent Burnout, Methods of Reflection, Finding Inspiration in Nature, Applying Nature’s Inspirations, The User’s Experience, Loving a black Labrador retriever

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Profile artwork for Jennifer Peavey
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