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Jeffrey Lyon

“Entrepeneur in cyber security; founder of TheCyberWild. I offer a targeted solution to the healthcare sector’s cybersecurity challenges.”


About Me

As a former cyber security Manager at Deloitte, I leveraged my 25+ years of experience in cybersecurity, IT management, and business leadership to help organizations develop and implement effective security solutions and services that align with their business goals and needs. I hold CISSP, CCSP and CISM certifications, and have a strong technical background in various security domains, such as SIEM/SOC management, risk and vulnerability management, PCI compliance, file integrity monitoring, PKI, and identity and access management.

My mission is to enable businesses to achieve security excellence by assessing their current security posture, identifying the gaps, creating the roadmap, and establishing and communicating metrics to all levels of management. I also enjoy leading security innovations and making security a key part of the business proposition to its customers. I am a determined, energetic, and challenge-driven leader, with an outgoing and approachable character. I have proven ability to translate security into business language and articulate the business benefits, as well as to drive change through people, process, and technology.

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Profile artwork for Jeffrey Lyon
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