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Jeffrey Charles Hardy

“Jeff Hardy is an International Healthcare Futurist, speaker, and author of TO CARE FOR PEACE - A GLOBAL MANDATE to change the world!”


About Me

Jeffrey Charles Hardy is a 30-year veteran healthcare system, service and facility planning and design consultant. Jeff is the President and Founder of Care for Peace, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in Novato. 

Jeffrey Charles Hardy began his career as a hospital corpsman in the United States Coast Guard and has been developing hospital services and facilities ever since.  Prior to selling his healthcare consultation company, XYDRA International, to a Fortune-500 firm in 1998, Hardy facilitated innovative and widely publicized management operations and new-facility development services for over 120 hospitals all over America. Clients included Kaiser Permanente, Catholic Healthcare West, Columbia/HCA Healthcare, Adventist Healthcare Systems, Disney Celebration Health, among others

Hardy also developed hospitals and healthcare systems for Kaiser Foundation International in the Bahamas, Bahrain, Curacao N.A., the United Arab Republics, among others.  In his recent past Hardy helmed new facility development initiatives for the International Medical Center in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the Mobile Public Health Program in Delta State, Nigeria, and the Matibabu Hospital in Ukwala, Kenya.

Following the release of USA sanctions in 2012, Jeff worked with the Myanmar Ministry of Health, the Peoples’ Health Foundation and the Rakhine Thahaya Association to fund, plan and build the first, prototype Mini-Medical Center that will be supported by a Micro-Healthcare System for rural townships and villages where 70% of the people live with little-to-no healthcare.  

As a recognized industry leader, Jeff has written articles on a variety of topics that include “Patient Safe Hospital Design”, “Patient Administration Consolidated Services” and “The Mini-Hospital”, among others for the American Hospital Association, the Center for Healthcare Design and the Patient Safety and Quality organization.

Podcasts include: Global Connections Television (TV Interview); Tonic Toronto (Podcast Interview); ABC 25 Local Lifestyles (TV Interview); Legend 93.5 FM / AM 930 (Radio Interview): The Lost Traveler's (Podcast Interview); Bigger than Us (Podcast Interview); among others.

Sample Guest Appearance: Change the Channel Podcast:

Sample Guest Appearance: Global Connections Television TV Interview:

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Profile artwork for Jeffrey Charles Hardy
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