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Jeffrey Besecker

“Explore the enigmatic world of human response as we unravel the deeper mysteries of the subconscious patterns driving our everyday behavior.”


About Me

"Through my work, I am helping people discover the subconscious and unconscious patterns that are driving their behavior, shaping their choices, and influencing their relationships. I empower people to live richer, more nuanced, and more fulfilling lives."

Meet Jeffrey Besecker, a beacon of insight and transformation as a holistic behavioral coach.

Jeffrey leverages his keen eye for uncovering the subconscious patterns that guide people's behavior, for better or worse.

In the labyrinth of our enigmatic minds, subconscious and unconscious patterns silently steer our choices, decisions, and relationships. Jeffrey illuminates the shadows and the forces shaping our lives with his data-driven methodologies.

We're all on that journey to discover the light inside. Jeffrey's call to action is clear: embrace the emotions accompanied by subconscious pattern shifts and confront the challenges head-on.

In Jeffrey's program, everyday individuals like you and me discover the tools and insights needed to navigate the intricate web of behavior patterns that define our lives.

Join Jeffrey Besecker on this transformative journey and unlock the potential within you to live a life of profound meaning. You can hear more from Jeffrey on his podcast, The Light Inside where he aims to deliver actionable insights into our unconscious behaviors leading to richer, more joyful, and more fulfilling lives.

Ideas For Episode Titles / Main Focus

  1. The Shackles of Belief: Exploring the Limiting Factors of Thought Structures
  2. Misintuition: How Cognitive Biases Distort Our Perceptions
  3. The Many Sides of Me: How Selective Inference Nullifies Authenticity
  4. Compulsive Perfectionism: Why We Misinterpret Healthy Excellencism
  5. The Backfire Effect: Why We Selectively Reinforce Beliefs, Even When Proven Wrong
  6. Bikeshedding: The Parkinson's Law of Triviality Teach Us About Focus
  7. Mere Exposure: How Experiential Learning Often Limits our Potential
  8. Solomon’s Paradox: What Healthy Social Comparison Teaches Us About Accepting Outside Feedback

Questions Jeffrey Is Always Ready To Answer

Why is understanding the role of volition essential to forming core values and beliefs?

What is operant conditioning, and how does it influence our formation of limiting beliefs?

Why is it so hard to change someone's beliefs?

Why do we support opinions as they become more popular?

Why are we not satisfied with "good enough"?

Why do we have a hard time choosing when we have more options?

Why do people support past ideas, even when presented with evidence that they're wrong?

Why do we feel the past is better compared to what the future holds?

Why is it hard to be accurate about our own abilities?

Why do our decisions depend on the information that is presented to us?

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The Light Inside

We’re all on the journey to discover the light inside. For better or worse, every aspect of our lives is shaped by the patterns we keep. We reveal how our hidden…

Profile artwork for Jeffrey Besecker
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