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Jeff Macolino

“Easy-going, podcast host, actor, comedy writer/performer and (sometimes) drunk”


About Me

Jeff was born in St. Petersburg, FL and has resided there his whole life. Jeff worked for five seasons in the front office of the Tampa Bay Rays while he attended the University of South Florida. He was awarded a 2008 American League Championship ring, which was later stolen.

Between the ages of 23-27, Jeff had his first child, began his career in the insurance industry, was promoted numerous times, got married, had back surgery, had his second child, and got separated and eventually divorced. Over the next 7 years, Jeff battled depression as he navigated his insurance career upwards, and in January of 2020, he nearly committed suicide. After some therapy and self-discovery, Jeff focused his career goals on writing and building a life in the world of comedy.

After months of plans and spinning his tires, in February of 2021, Jeff finally recorded and launched the first episode of The Jeff Macolino Podcast and did his first standup comedy open mic. His podcast started with just recording his own voice on his phone, but has now published well over 100 episodes and continues to come out weekly. It has amassed nearly 1,000 perfect reviews on podcast platforms, charted on the comedy podcast charts internationally and is ranked in the top 0.5% of all podcasts globally.

Jeff performed standup numerous times, both on-stage and virtually, and won a virtual comedy competition. Jeff has continued to write standup material but began to focus more on comedic acting.

In late 2022, Jeff landed a leading role in a comedy feature film, “Women Want Everything!” This feature was his first professional acting role, and as of Jan 2024, is available on Amazon Prime. He also booked a lead role in another feature film in 2023, "Haunted Happy Hour" which aims to premiere prior to Halloween 2024. He also also booked some smaller acting gigs in movies and TV shows, including "Pawn Stars Do America."

Jeff also works for FL Teams, an independent sports outlet which covers Florida sports. Jeff has released over 70 episodes of “Bolts and Bats in the Bay” which covers the Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Rays. He also hosts weekly live shows covering the NFL and other sports news, as well as hosting special shows around the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft.

He has made dozens of podcast guest appearances. He has spoken openly about his own struggles with mental health and near-suicide on some of these guest appearances as well as his own podcast.

Jeff also has built some following on his YouTube channel, for his series titled “Drunk Jeff Eats.”

Jeff is currently working on writing projects for feature films, television, special audio events and a documentary series. He is working as a narrator for a biography and an audiobook. And of course, served many seasons as a coach his son’s flag football or baseball team and informal acting coach for his daughter.

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Profile artwork for Jeff Macolino
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