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Jeff Barnes

“Navy Submariner & Two Time Best Selling Author helped Clients Raise Over $1B in Capital & Helps Entrepreneurs Scale & Sell for 8+ Figures”


About Me

Jeff Barnes is a former US Navy Nuclear power plant operator on a Submarine, Navy diver, risk management director, technology enthusiast, business growth expert, advisor and management consultant. Mr. Barnes sits on the boards of startup companies, runs a venture fund, is the Chair of the Veterans Council on C-Suite and the executive director of a Veteran-focused non-profit. Mr. Barnes helps businesses develop systems and processes based on military principles to create exponential growth.       

As a nuclear trained mechanic and scuba diver on a US Navy Submarine, Jeff Barnes traveled the world underwater at extreme depths, running a nuclear power plant and sleeping with torpedoes while learning invaluable skills. His innate leadership ability and understanding of complex systems allowed him to run the largest division on his submarine and take charge of the ship’s quality control program.

After an honorable discharge from the Navy, Mr. Barnes took his expertise and experience to Corporate America, helping clients grow their businesses as a risk management consultant and helping entrepreneurs develop strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Barnes spearheaded international projects as an Innovation and technology director working with Corporate VC’s, strategic partners, and other Fortune 500 leaders to bring new technology and ideas to the global marketplace.

In 2018 Mr. Barnes took over the CEO role at Angel Investors Network to help more entrepreneurs bring their products, services, and technology to the market as an advisor, mentor, coach, and venture fund manager. Having personally spent over $10 Million on digital marketing campaigns, mentoring, and advising over 1,000 companies, and helping companies generate over $1 billion in investment capital, Mr. Barnes is uniquely positioned to scale fast growth companies.

Mr. Barnes has owned, operated, or advised companies in the finance, insurance, investing, real estate, health care, IoT, AR/VR, FinTech, eCommerce, and mobility verticals. As the manager of both the Angels & Heroes Venture Growth Fund he finds opportunities for his investors to make great returns through angel and other private investment opportunities.

He earned his Leadership MBA in 2011 from the University of Washington and now mentors young professionals and entrepreneurs alike. During his free time, he spends a great deal of time coaching his two boys’ sports teams, enjoying the outdoors, traveling, and enjoying life with his wife, Amara.

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Profile artwork for Jeff Barnes
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