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Jed Shaffer

“I've been a gamer and a horror movie fan for 40 years. Just want to have some fun talking about fun things.”


About Me

I'm the co-host of First Gen Gamers, where my cohost and I pick a topic and debate the best candidates to represent the topic across every generation of gaming consoles. I've been married 20 years and a parent for 17. I have three boys -- twin 15 year olds (one with special needs) and a 9 year old, and they're all gamers. I've been a gamer for 40 years. I'm also a fan of horror movies, 90's MTV animation, pro wrestling, and 90's alternative music. One of my kids was born with special needs, two have ADHD, and one child and my wife have clinical depression, so mental health is big in my house. I'm also a survivor/witness to domestic abuse in my childhood.

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Profile artwork for Jed Shaffer
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