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Jeannine Kim

“A former IPO Trader turned MYSTIC, creating a 23+ year business of Intuitive & practical support in wholistic health, astrology, yoga & more”


About Me

'getting readings from jeannine is like praying and having God answer in english.' - L.W., N.Y.



My Vision: To share & teach others HOW TO | BRING THE 'SPIRITUAL' down to earth; the practical measures...empowering every aspect of their lives.

My Invitation: To Walk the Talk. What that means for the unified, wholistic, spiritual being in today's world.

For over 23 years my role as a MYSTIC | Intuitive Healer, 5D Astrologer, Medium, Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Practitioner has supported clients worldwide in dissolving their trauma while activating their masteries and showing them, thru experience that there is MORE to life than what meets the eye. That following your Truth always leads to freedom, relief & joy in the end..

The time is now to really have great conversation on how to remove-the-veil from all things...'behind-the-veil.'

Integrating & EMBODYING the endless information that is now at hand, requires courage to really go within and a deep awareness that we are all different, energetic beings & ever changing. One size DOES NOT fit all.

Listening to our specific needs...Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Physically FIRST is the fundamental approach we can align with to actively embrace & guide ourselves towards our newly empowered & healed path.

These personal patterns/blueprints of our needs can be found when met thru... our Birth Chart in Astrology, Holistic Health via Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yogic principals, Intuitive work thru Past Life Root Trauma discovery and Ancestral Healing.

'BEing the change we wish to see in the world.' [Gandhi] has never meant more than today.

The shift 'out there' requires a paradigm shift 'in here'...within each of us.

I have been walking this talk for over half my life, even before the internet. (; Been intuitive my whole life. There are some of those long lonely patches when we initially shift our compass inward but the new worlds found are ALWAYS beyond our wildest dreams.

My joy and experience lies in sharing with as many as possible....HOW TO LIVE from the inside out, in balance and wholeness, autonomous and sovereign every step of the way, then enjoying that wholeness with those in our lives.


Would love to connect with you and go down the rabbit hole of any of the above topics! My passion and work as a teacher, healer, intuitive along with my personal stories will bring grounded truth and wisdom from years of experience & study, to those who are hungry to hear.

Hope to connect with you soon.... Jeannine

** My booking schedule has more opportunities than what is showing. EMAIL to request booking days other than Tuesdays or Thursdays.

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Profile artwork for Jeannine Kim
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