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Jeanine Grayson

“I help high achieving women create guilt free boundaries, conquer self-doubt, and take empowered action in their lives.”


About Me

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I’m a California-born health and fitness junkie who loves my fur kids, exercise, gardening, reading, personal development, and travel.

As a former perfectionist who struggled with setting boundaries, I spent years of my life in a toxic relationship feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and undervalued. This lifestyle was exhausting for my emotional and physical health.

Amidst a battle with cancer, I experienced a transformational mindset shift that unlocked my untapped potential. This shift unleashed the start of new thoughts and beliefs that grew into courage and confidence to take massive action and rebuild a new life. I ended a toxic relationship and moved to a new city. I left a comfortable job that no longer challenged me. I met the man of my dreams and became an entrepreneur. I stayed laser focused on what I wanted and what I confidently knew I deserved.

As a business owner for nine years in the health and wellness industry, my area of expertise focused on sustainable health and fitness, weight loss, and putting an end to the habitual diet culture. My work with clients centered on building reliable systems and habits, not on motivation. My journey helping people led me to the realization that at the heart of failure lies a fixed and limited mindset. Although my clients were all intelligent and successful in their respective professions, they largely lacked the ability to advocate for themselves in the form of boundaries, priorities, and self-care. Their limiting beliefs and habitual forms of self-sabotage kept them stuck, frustrated, and often overwhelmed and they didn’t see how they were getting in their own way.     

Our daily self-care, habits, and power to transform ourselves are largely rooted in our personal thoughts, beliefs, and perceived self-worth. Life changes when we think differently, believe differently, and act differently. By understanding, adapting, and shifting our mindset we can improve our health, decrease our stress, and live fulfilling lives.

As a certified Life Coach and NASM Behavior Change Specialist my 1-to-1 Coaching service helps individuals shed their self-doubt, identify limiting beliefs, reframe new thoughts, and take empowered action in their lives.

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Profile artwork for Jeanine Grayson
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