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JC Calciano

“LGBTQ writer/director & movie producer - Creator of several beloved indie rom coms, a popular web series and m/m narrative fiction podcast.”


About Me

I've been in the movie business for thirty years, and have produced studio blockbusters to indie darlings. A decade ago I started my own company and began writing/producing and directing my own content, as well as teaching at a "top five" university. Now as an award-winning creator of several films, shows, and podcasts. I'm looking to collaborate with other creators.

I'm not only knowledgeable behind the scenes. I'm media savvy and have been a guest on dozens of other shows.

Talk to me about LGBTQ issues. Films, Entertainment, books, or podcasts. I can tell you things about our industry that few people know.

I look forward to seeing how we can work together.

PS - look me up on or at


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Profile artwork for JC Calciano
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