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Jason Allan Scott

“I am an award-winning Entrepreneur, Event Professional, Podcaster, and Bestselling Author.”


About Me

Various media and social media platforms including Amazon have called Jason a top influencer on the web. Double Dutch called him one of the most influential Event Professionals in the world as did Eventbrite. He was recognised as a top 100 small business for his podcast business and invited to Number 10 Downing Street in 2016.

Scott started three 7 figure businesses as a solo founder with BKKSwimming School, Corporate Events Management, and Lokkima. With over 10 years of experience in the world of tech industry spanning Proptech, DeFI, Fintech, Medtech, and CreatorTech Jason has a broad understanding of multiple verticals.

He has been in Crypto and Blockchain since 2016 and is the host of NotAnotherCryptoShow one of the fastest-growing shows on air today and is passionate about Web3 and the opportunities within.

Authored over 50 business books for the second largest online publisher of e-books in the world.

Scott has successfully delivered keynotes at over 210 conferences, events, and companies around the world, from speaking at Google, Oxford, and Coutts to major growth marketing conferences focusing on storytelling, podcasting, the creator economy, entrepreneurship, and resilience.

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Profile artwork for Jason Allan Scott
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