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Jamie Meyer

“"Don't ask me what I do in an elevator unless you push all the buttons first."”


About Me

I am a traveller and Entrepreneur from Australia, I was running a Company at 23 and founded my own at age 27. I create alternatives that empower People to exercise choice. The problems I solve consist of many layers. I recognise and follow patterns, find correlations between seemingly unrelated ideas, design solutions and capitalise on the results attainable. 

​After starting one Company, Nine Carat, I needed an entity that would encompass all the ventures I was looking to get involved with. What seemed fitting was my name, larger than life and ambitious could only be summed up one way, Jamie Meyer Enterprises. ​

It started when I was 5. I dreamed of being Prime Minister, making the World a better place and inspiring People to understand and discover their capital. Somewhere between 5 and 25, I got lost in succeeding in the World that existed. I was sick, suffered panic attacks, was married and divorced, battled and recovered from anorexia on my own, and survived and conquered sexually and emotionally abusive relationships. All of which stopped informing the choices I was making in my life but gave me substance for everything I would go on to do.

I studied to be a Fashion Designer instead. Became bored and decided to go rouge and collect capital to fund my own line. At 17, the only way I knew how to get that kind of capital was to work full time. I got a job as a Receptionist. When I realised how much I loved Business, I wondered how I could apply my creativity to a process driven entity. Becoming the youngest and first female General Manager of a Company in the industry. 

The limitations which existed when implementing strategies and visions, had me questioning how I could break all these rules and design my own and recalibrate People and Companies for Success.

At 30, with a Company under my arm and a dream on my coat tails, I set out to explore the World. After 3 months in the United States I was severely bitten by all the travel bug and what could be found in a lifestyle built around travel. I have explored a great deal of the United States, adventured up the West Coast of Mexico, floated through the Caribbean, Costa Rica and carried 2 suitcases through the narrow streets and staircases of Italy. With the rest of the world still in my sights, I wring every last experience and learning from each place I find myself. Following the toss of a coin or the old trusty pull a Country out of a hat trick.

I do not shy away from challenges. I support People in magnifying their limitations. Ask the hard questions. Transforming our experience of ourselves and others. Discarding learned and adapted premises. Making us the artists of our own reality. Breaking the rules. And designing our own.

Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Speaker, Designer, Rehabilitator and Aunty of 4 wonderful little People. I will do whatever it takes to bring the future I envision to reality. I’ve walked across muddy construction sites in 8 inch heels. Replaced toilets. Hand unloaded 20ft containers at 4am in the freezing cold. I’ve driven forklifts. Deep sea fished. Taken an Uber 7 hours up the coast of Mexico. Dragged 3 suitcases around the streets of Vietri Sul mare. Travelled the World on my own, to countries where I don't know the language. And started an International Company at 29 because I wanted to. I've been married and divorced. Am the eldest of 4 children. I have explored, laughed in the face of danger and chosen to keep moving forward despite the odds being stacked against me. You will find more books in my suitcases than clothes. I will try anything once. Sometimes twice to make sure I don’t like it. I've been told I am too ambitious, when I am only just getting warmed up. ​And when I die, at 103, I want my headstone to read," I came, I saw and I conquered the most remarkable life. And gave that opportunity to others. "

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Profile artwork for Jamie Meyer
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