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James Maynard

“Award-winning Filmmaker and Documentarian, Science Educator, Animator, and Creator/Producer of The Cosmic Companion”


About Me

Join award-winning documentarian and filmmaker James Maynard on a journey through the mysteries of the universe, exploring science, education, the past, and the future.

Children typically don't need to go to a gym to exercise – the play in which they naturally participate provides all the workout they need. Their goal is not (usually) to build muscle or improve heart health – it is simply to have fun. A healthy body is simply a side effect of children enjoying themselves.

The Cosmic Companion w/ James Maynard, published (almost every) Saturday, features comedy, pop culture, and friendly conversations with some of the greatest scientists, authors, and developers around the world. Past guests have included Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kathy Sullivan (the first American woman to walk in space), and world-renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle.

In 2023, James Maynard expanded the number of short films produced, and upped the storytelling content, producing such films as A Bad Day for Dinosaurs, and Pandora Redux.

The Cosmic Companion was awarded Best Web/TV Series at the Future of Film Awards, and multiple short films have won awards and/or been selected for screening at film festivals around the globe.

Popular Questions:

How do we break down barriers to science education?

Why is humor so important to teaching science?

You call artificial intelligence "the greatest revolution in filmmaking since the invention of the movie camera." How come?

You merge artificial intelligence with some of the oldest techniques in filmmaking - even puppetry. Can't you just pick one medium and stick with it?

How could educators at all levels embrace technology to develop critical thinking skills in students?

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Profile artwork for James Maynard
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