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James Foster

“95% of online businesses can be grown with Profitable Collabs. The problem is most don't know how. I'll spill all the beans on your show.”


About Me

Topics James can talk about:

  • New money from old courses
  • Selling high ticket offers and masterminds through DM, email, and text
  • Creating Profitable Collabs
  • Licensing your IP
  • Building business relationships online

Stories James can tell:

  • Experts, SaaS, and Ecom can use LEGO’s strategy to increase margins and sell more of their core offer.
  • Licensing can solve the “Dancing Bear”/ Creator treadmill problem.
  • How George Lucas got rich (not famous) and how Experts and Coaches can do it too.
  • Energy/Time efficient way to help your customers and increase margin is licensing
  • Turning a $99 product into a $999 product in 30 seconds (B2B)
  • Get buyers for free by solving the next problem
  • If you can talk/type - you can make money online
  • 6-figure software biz from $300 Upwork investment and cold DMing partners
  • How Post-It notes open doors for me 83% of the time.

James' background:

  • Created a 6 figure micro SaaS where he did NONE of the work.
  • Failed a lot
  • Sold $30k masterminds for clients by text, email, and DM.
  • Bought and sold land
  • Discovered successful businesses will give you control of their assets
  • And licensing is one of the secret weapons to million-dollar growth

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Royalty Rockstars

Become a Royalty Rockstar by licensing your old courses, content and intellectual property.

Profile artwork for James Foster
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