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James Clemmons

““You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations”


About Me

I am a Marine veteran, who owns Freedom From Anger, LLC. Behavioral Health Education Company & Podcast. I specialize in Anger/Emotion Management, Stress Reduction, Alcohol and Drug Education, etc. I have worked with incarcerated individuals for several years. Providing A&D Treatment, Batters Intervention Classes, Anger Management, and other various programs designed to help reduce recidivism and prevent any future victimization from our clients.​​ I have appeared on several podcasts, and NPR twice. I hold numerous certifications in the field of behavioral health, and a license in the state of Tennessee for Alcohol and Drug Counseling (LADACII) I believe that we are capable of great things, but often complicate things due to our thoughts. I enjoy educating people, and assisting them work towards becoming the best version of themselves.


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Anger Management | Freedom From Anger, LLC.

Professional virtual anger management services. Nationally certified instructors.


This is a podcast where we discuss a variety of beneficial behavioral health topics: Anger and Stress Management, REBT, CBT, Substance Abuse, Relationships, Road Rage, Self-Help, etc.. James proudly served in the Marines. Jonathan holds a MA in mental health counseling, they are also both licensed alcohol and drug counselors. Together James and Jonathan own and operate Freedom From Anger, LLC. which specializes in Behavioral Health Education.

Freedom From Anger, LLC.

Thank you for visiting our channel. Freedom From Anger, LLC. is a proudly Veteran owned company that specializes in Anger & Stress Management Education Classes & Podcast. We hope to post educational and uplifting videos on a regular basis to help as many people as possible on their self-improvement journey. Please visit our website. for more information. #education #podcast #gbo #behavioralhealth #angermanagement #psychology #addiction #substanceabuse #stressmanagement #roadrage #unhealthyrelationships #selfcare #selfhelp #selfimprovement

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