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Jamarr Jabari

“Topic: music interview, labor right, foreign policy, anti war and anti imperialism,”


About Me

I am a podcaster myself, co-host with tommy nation politics, queer, musician/rapper and activist. New music single out now link in my bio song call “INTIFADA”! Now I do most of my activism with PSL-CT and I am Doing a lot of gigs and we have album out called the book of one with feature all over the world talking about coming together. I can have discussions on music, poetry, queer liberation police brutality, workers right and foreign policies. The big topic now is China and Russia I have an educated perspective on both.

Topics I can speak on: music, culture, pop culture, foreign policy, U.S. domestic policy, police brutality, election campaigns, US history, black American experience, Native American solidarity

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Profile artwork for Jamarr Jabari
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