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Jacob Coakley

“Witty and lively speaker about TV, film, or fiction with a focus in genre (mystery, fantasy, sf). Intelligent insights with a light touch.”


About Me

I am a writer, marketer, podcaster, and playwright.

As a podcaster, I co-host Cluedunnit, a comedy TV after-show podcast. On the podcast my co-host and I watch a TV mystery and guess whodunnit before the first commercial break – without any clues, suspects, or apparently accuracy! What we lack in knowledge, we make up for in speed. And laughs! Sometimes we’re even right! Along the way we find out real facts about the people who made the show and share them with our listeners.

But don't let our off-the-cuff guesses fool you! I have a deep understanding of the arts and what it takes to tell a story well. My scripts have been recognized by the Austin Film Festival, Cinestory, Final Draft Big Break, and more. My plays have been developed at the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference and the Nevada Conservatory Theatre’s Homegrown Playwright’s Festival. I was editor-in-chief of Stage Directions magazine for 11 years and my writing has appeared in The Las Vegas Weekly, BLVDS Magazine, Desert Companion and others. I know a lot about what it takes to make a good story and bring it to life -- and I communicate that with insight, humor, and enthusiasm.

Professionally, I have run computer networks and websites for Fortune 500 companies and theatres, practiced audience capture techniques as editor-in-chief at a monthly theatre technology magazine, and bent all the powers of data harvesting and analytics to target and activate customers as a marketer.

A noted punner, I am also a devotee of bullet journaling with an ever-growing collection of fountain pens. I am a sucker for a good cheese.

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Profile artwork for Jacob Coakley
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