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Jack Decker

“Author of "States First Amendment" that would move almost all federal departments to the states. From One-Size-Fits-All to 50 experiments!”


About Me

I have been involved in politics over the last forty years. I have been the Director of Advertising & Public Relations for the Libertarian Party of Dane County (Wisconsin) and ran on the LP ticket for the Wisconsin State Assembly (got 20% of the vote). After being honorably discharged from the US Air Force, I got myself a little BA in psychology (emphasis: social psychology) with a minor in business administration (emphasis: marketing). I've been air cargo specialist (USAF), security guard, restaurant night porter, trucker, marketing consultant, business consultant, failing business turnaround specialist, and barter specialist.

Here is the amendment:

States First Amendment

 I. The federal government cannot do, regulate, and/or fund what the States can technically do, regulate, and/or fund themselves.

II. All US Senators can propose and vote on legislative bills from their states; all US House of Representatives can propose and vote on legislative bills from their districts and their state’s capital; and all Congressional committee and sub-committee meetings must be conducted by way of video conferencing.

III. Each State gets one vote in the US Senate, that vote goes to that state’s current governor, a current state governor can serve as the US Vice President, and governors cannot be compensated in any way or form for their service to the US Senate or the Office of the US Vice President.

IV. Each State’s votes in the US House of Representatives are equally divided amongst all of that state’s current State Assembly members, each current State Assembly member is also a full member of the US House of Representatives, and none of them can be compensated in any way or form for their service to the US House of Representatives.

V. The US President must physically visit every state in the union and US territory at least once a year.

VI. The White House is no longer the residence or office of the US President; the Capitol Hill building is no longer a functional building of the US Congress; and both are made national monuments and turned over to the Smithsonian Institution for preservation, historical research and public tours. The District of Columbia is stripped of its federal status and returned to the State of Maryland.

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Profile artwork for Jack Decker
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