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Jack Bowman

“Jack's one of podcasting's most seasoned Audio Fiction veterans (BBC, Audible, Podium Publishing), and a leading UK/US scripted producer.”


About Me

JACK BOWMAN is an award-winning audio fiction/scripted podcast veteran with 15 years experience in the independent and commercial audio arena. Over that period, he has been involved with numerous audio productions as a writer, director and producer, both creating acclaimed content and producing high-quality podcasts from new and experienced writers. Jack also co-created THE SPRINGHEEL SAGA for Wireless Theatre Ltd., which won numerous awards and festival selections globally, including a hat-trick of US Mark Time Ogles. 

Other notable titles in Jack’s career include the award-winning DEAD LONDON, Audible UK’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS (with Academy Award nominees Tom Conti and Sophie Okonedo), ARABIAN NIGHTS, THE SOUL BREAKER and THE DARKWATER BRIDE. In 2019, Bowman co-scripted the New York Times Bestseller EXPEDITIONARY FORCE: HOMEFRONT for Dagaz Media & Podium Publishing, and WHOLESALE SOLUTION, a unique UK/US independent audio fiction pilot produced by Dagaz Media, now going to series in 2021. 

Outside of podcasting, he has been involved in content heard on BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds and the RNIB. From 2019 to 2020, he served as Production Consultant to BBC Radio Comedy during its transition to BBC Studios Audio. During 2020, Jack directed and produced CIRCLES, an international audio horror series, simultaneously recorded across the globe with multi-cast voice talent working together live, during the global lockdown. Before joining 5.55, he continued to consult various UK, US and other global audio producers, studios and networks in the audio fiction space.

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Profile artwork for Jack Bowman
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