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J Dunn

“Expert in Natural Health Care, Genetics, Biochemistry, Mental Health and Nutrition.”


About Me

As a chiropractor, certified in functional medicine, and trained in many other modalities, and the originator of Wholistic Kinesiology® and Wholistic Methylation, I had a thriving practice in New Mexico for over 30 years. And yet, for all the people I was able to find a solution for, there were others whose problems persisted no matter what approach I took. It felt like I was missing a piece of the health puzzle.

I was one of those patients. Moderate depression and fatigue were lifelong companions. No matter what I tried from a treatment standpoint, nothing worked. The mindset changes well-meaning people suggested, only left me feeling bad about myself. What couldn’t I just think happy, change my attitude?

Luckily, I was introduced to genetics and how they can affect the biochemistry of the body. In investigating these sciences, I found the root cause of my depression, which turned out to be a genetic variant. My vitamin D receptor (VDR) was blocked. Without adequate vitamin D my body could not make serotonin and dopamine. Once I discovered what nutrients would correct this, I literally woke up one day soon after and realized, “This is what happy people feel like.”

I’d love to introduce your audience to the simple science behind the MyHappyGenes® system of genetic testing. And discuss the importance of knowing what’s going on in a person’s biochemistry as well as what gene variations might be causing their problems. Along with these disciplines, I would like to introduce your audience to the concept of epigenetics, or how diet, lifestyle and emotional traumas can affect change our gene expression and our physiology. And how simple changes can literally change their lives.

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Profile artwork for J Dunn
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