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Iris Barratt

“A Grassroots Solution for Creating Unity in a Divisive World by an Dedicated Ambassador for Peace! Sassy and sweet grandma is on a mission”


About Me

Iris is a successful event program creator, event entertainer, passionate lifelong learner, award-winning author and Global Ambassador for peace and justice. As a visionary peacemaker she now unveils her latest program for creating unity and peace in simple yet meaningful ways..

She presents the negative aspects of tribalism that are creating growing extremes of political and global war and unrest. She also astutely presents the positive aspects of tribalism that can create unity and deepen our sense of belonging and build community and peace in uplifting ways. Iris shares common historical ways this can be done and has been done.

She asks us to consider,: When and will the collective power of love, overcome the divisive love of power, for only then can we know peace. Grandma Iris is on a passionate mission to create new traditions that build unity, authenticity, peace and universal love.

Iris' new brainchild is a program for spontaneously honoring each other through creative storytelling. "Both Honoring and storytelling are both time honored peacemaking traditions. Adding music and my award-winning poem (similar to a universal prayer) is gaining popularity as a simple, effective, affordable and instantly available grassroots solution."

It includes over 90 key words representing universal values. Keywords such as love, trust truth, adventure, innocence and kindness make honoring qualities very easy to select and share.

Beginning sentences help make the process flow easily and smoothly. This simple format encourages you and your people to bring their creative honoring storytelling to life. Many humanitarian and humorous story prompts and game names are included. Everyone is encouraged to write and add their own brilliance to the mix and help the program evolve.

As we bring our people together, honoring presents the opportunity to teach our children an honoring voice and when we teach them to look for qualities that we value in each other, they naturally find them. It's magically delicious to watch them honor each other and their parents.

Everyone can develop high minded noble values and noble voices and mutually honoring nobility is what they can create and discover. Iris program includes a poem called Honoring Builds a Circle of Nobility. "It portrays that when we actively honor other people, we naturally learn to honor ourselves and that’s where the magic of peace and unity really changes our reality", says Ms. Barratt.

Bringing the focus and creative joy of honoring each other with insightful stories, into our celebrations and ceremonies feels wonderful!

Creative honoring storytelling brings appreciation, encouragement and support that genuinely help people lighten up, thrive and laugh together.

Within our communities, our families, our schools and our churches, we all have amazing potential for creating unity and a strong sense of positive, peaceful and loving tribal unity.

Iris Barratt invites you to consider sharing her honoring storytelling program with your people. It can now be instantly downloaded as a digital file from her Etsy shop online. If you search on Etsy for Honoring Improv or Storytelling Events, you will find it. Iris' shop is called Evolving Genius Awards as she have been advocating interpersonal honoring with poetic heartfelt awards for 30 years.

This honoring storytelling events program costs less than $20 to purchase, and less than $10 to print it. Iris is deeply grateful that it is being translated into different languages. It works beautifully for ages 10 and up and for virtually any occasion.

For we are here to create love, unity and celebrate our sense of humanity together, as it deepens unity within our minds and our hearts and within our communities.

As Margaret Mead perfectly said: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Please join us now.

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Profile artwork for Iris Barratt
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