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Irina Poddubnaia

“Mixing entertainment with education, I bring unique vivid insights to your audience sprinkled with humour, real-life examples and metaphors.”


About Me

I'm a SAAS founder and a business consultant who specializes in Operations and Processes Optimization. I help design systems out of the right people, processes and tools.

Throughout the last few years, I have helped 50+ small and large companies worldwide deliver outstanding results.

I have a wide range of experiences in eCommerce, from running a fulfillment center in China (literally I lived there for 2.5 years) to launching my own software for package tracking. 

My mission at TrackMage is to free as many eCommerce entrepreneurs from routine as possible so that they can focus on things that truly matter. TrackMage tracks the shipments, upsells additional products, and then takes care of the automatic follow-ups for reviews. This has helped many businesses to reduce the time spent on customer support by 70% and increase sales by 5-10% on autopilot. 

And what makes me truly excited about what I do is working with online content creators. Selling branded merchandise online is one of the best ways for independent creators to monetize their following, without depending on their chosen social channel for monetization. TrackMage helps creators manage the supply chain, while they are focusing on what they are really good at, and that is, creating content. 

As a podcast guest, I love sharing tips that help growing eCommerce companies optimize their processes and stand out in a highly competitive market.

Think post-purchase sales funnels, automation, customer retention, getting extra sales from existing customers, and reducing operational costs.

I also enjoy talking about entrepreneurship, leadership and management strategies that work across industries.

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Profile artwork for Irina Poddubnaia
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