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Ian Clark

“My journey of self healing has uncovered untold healing practices & the secrets to longevity living.”


About Me

At 46, I was diagnosed with many life-threatening health issues all at once, leaving me with less than three years of life. My restraint from giving up on life led me to pursue all that was in my hands to not settle for subpar health. Fuelled by a purpose-driven passion to live beyond a 3-year diagnosis, I took it upon myself (physically and financially) to prioritize health and wellness.

Activation Products emanated from my ceaseless determination to travel the globe and uncover potent remedies with powerful natural health benefits. After five years of intense personal research and learning about what it takes to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself, I set out to share that information with others. In 2006, with my family and the support of a team of innovators, Activation Products was born! Today, I pursue my dream of ageing backwards each day with my son, Anthony, by my side.

The Company and I echo the thought of bringing only the best and top-level ingredients, top-level products and, ultimately, top-level health to you. If I were to leave you with one thought, I’d tell you

- Don’t settle for subpar health, it’s not worth it!

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Profile artwork for Ian Clark
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