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Iain Kitching

“Film Editor of ‘The Swimmers’ (Netflix), Danny Boyle’s ‘Babylon’ (Eps 4/6), ‘My Brother the Devil’, ‘Formula 1 : Drive to Survive’ and more…”


About Me

I am a Film and TV Editor of 22 years experience (as of 2022). My latest film ‘The Swimmers’ spent 4 days at the Number 1 spot on Netflix worldwide and is very close to my heart having been involved in the production for 4 years.

I’ve worked with Danny Boyle, Stephen Daldry, Jack Thorne, Hans Zimmer, Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong and Doug Liman. I am passionate about Film (particularly SF and 70s/80s cinema), TV and Music.

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Profile artwork for Iain Kitching
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